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Optional resume submission for the Common App supplement, Vanderbilt

Would you recommend submitting a resume which is listed as "optional" on the form for colleges such as Vanderbilt? Since I don't have work experience, but do have tutoring and babysitting, I feel like the resume will not add much which is not already covered in the application, so I'm inclined not to submit it.

Just wondering what others think will help my application shine, YES- Add a nicely formatted resume at the "optional" prompt, or NO- don't add a resume.

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@bhawana-0633 years ago

No since you said it won't really help boost your application. But if you tutored for a subject you have declared as your major or you want to work with kids or own a business and that's a part of your application the activities you listed could help support that idea.

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3 years ago

As you pointed out I don't think you have enough work experience or activities that you didn't cover in your ECs to warrant an additional resume.

If you haven't mentioned those 2 things, you can add them to your ECs if your room to do that.

However, keep in mind that resumes are not just for jobs in the case of college admissions, they can highlight and detail your ECs including community service, internships, leadership positions, and any volunteering you have done. They are not exclusively for paying jobs so you may reconsider writing one if you didn't have enough space to fully explain your ECs in detail. In the top part, you put your contact information, school, GPA, highlights of your course rigor, then your experience, and at the end, you can put your awards, honors, and scholarships.

Hope this is helpful to you.

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