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I accidently sent my sat subject test scores to Stanford but they were really bad should I even apply?

My subject test scores were 570 in bio, 550 in math 2, 550 in chem. I put Stanford as one of the schools to send the scores to for free when I signed up for the test. But as you can see the scores are really bad. How badly is this going to impact my application (1-10)? Would it help if I applied as undecided? Be brutal with the answer

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@Abhinav15a year ago

To be really honest, it does. I mean keep trying your hardest tho.

@cp839a year ago

What major are you applying for and do you have an SAT/ACT score?

@lij1207a year ago

I'm gonna be honest you might not even get your application read :/

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a year ago[edited]

If you have a 1500+ SAT score or 34+ ACT, and transcript evidence that you A'ced AP Bio, AP Chem, and AP Calc with 4s & 5s AP scores to boost, then you have shown that you were just having a bad day with those SAT 2s.

If not, then explain your grades and other test scores in Bio, Chem, and Calc. Also, what are the 7 college courses you took? and what were your grades? The last thing is what were the classes that you got the Bs or Cs in to get your 3.8 UWGPA, it matters. Do you have any extenuating circumstances that happened in your personal life at the time of these SAT 2 tests? or during the time you received lower grades?

I'll leave my opinion in the comments after you reply with some more information.

a year ago

everything looks good but as you know that SAT is horrific for this school, Its gonna hit your application like a truck but looking at your workload and your gpa, if you have absolutely stunning extra curriculars you may still have a chance. I say keep going, you never know until you try and it sounds like you want to get in so do it!


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