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My school does offer IB diploma but it would make me in a lower math, should I still do that or go with HL Math and 5 IB

I am wondering what would be better for me, I have legacy for Harvard so I am thinking about applying there I was wondering if it would be better for me to take the IB diploma but that would be I would end in IB Math SL but I can also take 5 IB's and then take IB Math HL witch has more calculus than SL, I would like anyone's opinion and anything said will help:)

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Harvard essentially requires that you take the most challenging courses offered by your school. Additionally, HL Math is probably the HARDEST IB course offered. In taking the full IB program, you ensure that you take the most demanding course load and this will greatly improve your chances of getting into Harvard. In my opinion, take full IB irrespective of your mark, colleges will want to see that you at least tried


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