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Teacher has not submitted my letter of recommendation through Naviance, can I submit my common app application?

The deadline to apply to one of my school's is January 1, and my teacher has not submitted my letter of rec through naviance. I know for a fact that he will for sure upload. Can I submit my common app application or do I have to wait for him to upload my letter of rec?

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10 months ago[edited]

I would wait until Jan.1 and see if they meet the deadline first before submitting. Tomorrow, please send a kind reminder if you haven't done so already.

If you do not get a recommendation by the 1st, then submit your common application.

Hope that helps.

9 months ago

You can actually request the letter of rec through the common app after you sent in your app. Also yes, you should submit your app on time and trust that your teacher will upload your rec letter soon. Colleges won't penalize you for a late rec letter.

10 months ago

The same thing happened to me and a friend of a friend. I learned that many teachers wait until the last minute in case students add or take away colleges in the last minute. I also, in my panic checked everywhere to see if commonapp had said anything about this and they have said that submitting your app with out letters at the time of submission wont penalize you, as long as you get in all the materials by the school's document deadline. Teachers can still add on letters to an application after you submit it, allegedly. And yes also make sure to give them a polite reminder incase they simply forgot


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