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Should my personal statement (Common App essay) be more of a personal narrative or a persuasive essay?

I recently had my English teacher review my Common App essay. I structured it using the ABDCE format for personal narratives, but she told me to set it up as more of a persuasive essay, advising me to remove my entire first section (the action) and replace it with simply answering the prompt in a concise sentence(s). What should I do?

This is the ABDCE plot structure


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8 months ago

Common App essays are supposed to be personal narratives, so I'm a little confused by what your teacher means. If you want specific essay advice, please check out our Peer Essay Review tool! Your reviewer can actually take a look at your writing.

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9 months ago

First off, I recommend quickly removing that essay link here since you don't want anyone stealing it or anything as it is not protected by the measures that CollegeVine has put in place. Second, there is no correct way to writing the personal statement though I would say a personal narrative is better since its more engaging in my opinion. You need to draw the reader in so they don't get bored and putting the reader in the middle of action is good for that.

9 months ago

it looks good right now, so ultimately it's your choice. There is no offical rule; it's just personal preference.


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