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03/27/2020 at 02:34PM

Should I send my updates grades even though I have a lot of absences.

I got waitlisted to Cornell and they encouraged me to send any updates grades. I want to send my report card, bc my GPA rose from 94.5 to 100.3(both weighted), and my core subject classes(all AP or honors) rose by at least 6 points. My main concern I have are my 9 absences in gym and 3 absences from desktop publishing(yearbook). Even though GPA is important, I feel that they may also judge me for my absences especially because they have to get picky with the waitlist students. Should I send it regardless to them, or should I just play safe?

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03/27/2020 at 04:40PM

Hey @justchill, you should absolutely send your updated grades anyway! I’d be really surprised if Cornell cared about those absences, especially for gym. If you have a good explanation for the absences, you could definitely put that in your waitlist letter.

Bottom line is that NOT sending your updated grades would likely be worse than sending the grades with the absences. It's pretty low risk (Cornell not liking your absences) for a potentially high reward (getting off the waitlist), especially considering you did make some great improvements!

Basically, not sending your updated report card out of fear that Cornell will look negatively upon your absences is actually not "playing it safe" ... it's likely more risky.

Accepted Answer
03/27/2020 at 03:08PM

If you can prove those absences were due to extenuating circumstances such as doctor or other appointments Id recommend to do so. But becuase you grew so sto speak even with absences it should prove youre a strong student.