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How influential is the high school you attend to in the admissions process?

I attended two different high schools and was wondering what kind of impact that may have.

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Sorry it should say “admissions process.” Not enough characters

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11 months ago

Hello! I attended two high schools as well. As far as I know, I don't believe they hurt your admissions process. I moved my sophomore year to a new school because of my dad's job, and I don't believe that has hurt me in my application.

The only downside of switching high schools is that grading and curriculums are different for every school. For example, I went from a school with very few AP courses and challenges to a school with many. Since I couldn't take an AP course in my freshman year, my GPA and class rank were affected. However, many colleges do a holistic review, so I would recommend including the fact that you moved in your Additional Information section of the application.


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