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I am planning to apply for ED2 at Wellesley college. After applied ED2, If I decide I no longer interested in ED2 for Wellesley, can I convert ED2 to regular? Does it have any impact on admission decisions, college?

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3 years ago[edited]

Since EDII is essentially the same binding Early Decision as EDI except for different deadlines/results dates, it doesn't seem likely.

If colleges let students make remorse change requests, then then it's really not fair or reasonable to the colleges evaluating applications because some schools start the sorting process right away. It's not like they wait until 10 or 20 days after the submission deadline and rush to the finish line. The admissions process starts as soon as your file is received by the admissions office. On a less than obvious observation, applicants who make such requests may appear flaky or entitled and that will not bode well because ED is supposed to be for applicants who have selected that particular school as their number 1 choice to attend.

If you are uncertain about applying EDII to Wellesley on Jan. 1 today, then you should simply wait and apply next week to RD on Jan.8th instead. But if you are 100% sure Wellesley is your top choice and you will commit and attend if admitted, then applying EDII will increase your chances of getting in if you are a qualified applicant. If you are just trying to "game the bump" which is 33% versus 19% RD, well that's not going to work out if you really don't want to attend but want the option to attend. In that case, you should have applied to EA schools in November.

Since it's the New Years' holiday today, no one will be at Wellesley to confirm this, so err on the side of committing to go if you decide to apply today, otherwise apply regular decision.

Good luck.

3 years ago

No, because ED II is binding. However, I will say that my sister goes to Wellesley, my mom works there, and my grandmother works there--so I have the authority to say that it truly is an exceptional school and you won't regret your choice to ED II there.

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