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I do not have AP or IB courses, what do I do?

I don't have access to AP or IB courses and therefore cannot do them. Also my SAT was kind of low for the schools (Stanford, Yale, Princeton) I am applying to so I am planning to apply test optional. I am extremely hard working and determined and I really want to get into one of them but I know this might put me at a disadvantage. Any suggestions?

Should I tell them about this in my additional information section? And if yes, how would you craft that to put it there?

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The lack of AP or IB courses shouldn't be a disadvantage. The admission office gets your school profile (which means that you needn't put that in the additional information section), so they will look at your application in the context of your school. A lot of international students don't have these courses (including me), and they still get in. If you apply test optional and have no APs or IB, I think that they will be a little concerned whether you really have a strong academic background because they won't have this information available, just your GPA, and GPA is different from school to school. I think that you should try to highlight your academic side more in another way - certificates, awards, sth like that.


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