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8 months ago
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Is a flat out rejection a sign there is something wrong with my application?

I applied ED to Columbia and EA to UChicago. I was flat out rejected at Columbia and deferred at Chicago. These are highly selective schools so my disappointment level was tempered somewhat. At the same time it got me to thinking that maybe there is something wrong.

I have a 4.0 UWGPA. My school only allows 1 AP in junior year and 2 in Senior year. Otherwise I took 15 Honors classes so my rigor is supposedly strong (though not in comparison to others outside my school).

I submitted my SAT scores (780 written, 770 math) as my test scores are around 75 percentile for even the most selective schools.

According to CollegeVine my ECs are somewhat weak (President of my club, 4 year Varsity + 1 as Captain, work 10 hours/ week, tutor, outside classes, community volunteer, etc. No competitions, awards or outside research).

I had two teachers ask to write my recs so I'm assuming they did that to write good things.

I'm pretty sure I pass admission's first hurdle of the objective measures but obviously fall short on the subjective measures. A straight up rejection from Columbia makes me question my essays and/ or other parts of my application. Could my ECs really be that bad in comparison to others with the same academic profile that it warranted a rejection and not a deferral? I'm wondering if I need to rethink my entire application as I move into the RD phase or do I chalk this up to just a couple of highly selective schools with a big applicant pool?

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@Lebron8 months ago

Out of curiosity did you get an interview?

@OFHanson8 months ago

Also, what was your major? This can also play a factor when it comes to space

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Spartikurt8 months ago

I did have an interview for Columbia and I thought we connected. I can’t remember anything that would scare someone. I put in Neuroscience for my major since my ECs back it up.

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