3 years ago
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Where should I start looking for scholarships as a junior?

I am trying to start looking for possible scholarships and was wondering if anyone had any advice. The only scholarship I know about for juniors is the Coolidge Scholarship, which seems like it is more for people interested in public policy (and I don't think I am at the level of the people who are selected, they have done some insane things). I am interested in studying environmental science in college, so I was wondering if anyone knows of any scholarships related to that. I will try to start looking at more local ones as well.


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3 years ago

Here’s a great scholarship “search engine”: (https://scholarshipowl.com/)

There are also many more, such as “Unigo”, “Scholarships.com”, etc. that will give you a list of upcoming scholarships. In my opinion, I believe these three are legit sites that search for scholarships according to your personal preference and information (like grade level, gender, race, disability?, military service?, majors/interests, etc.).

It’s also important to note that some scholarships can be as little as an Essay Writing Comp. for anywhere of $500 to $10,000 and then there are some great, life-changing one’s such as sponsored by “Coke-a-Cola”, “Dr. Pepper Free Tuition”, “The Paradigm Challenge” that can grant as much as $30,000 to an astounding $200,000!! These major scholarships, however, will require some background information such as community service, grades, etc. (much like a college application through the common app), while others, notably the “Paradigm Challenge” and the “Junior Breakthrough Challenge”, require you to submit a video or project explaining a novel advancement/invention you created or can elaborate on effectively.

Always remember, anyhow, that when the list is given to you, don’t feel compelled to complete it all because there are as much as 100 to 500 available scholarships within the next time-frame of a year with a potential of $400,000. As long as you plan ahead, daft essays and projects, and complete your entry in a timely manner (not the night before [ive fallen victim to this lol]), you’ll be a competitive applicant and may earn as much as $10,000 before Senior year. This will make the college decision much easier financially!! It really will!!!

Good luck!! Happy New Year! Let 2021 be our new start at achieving greatness!

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