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Position description for shadowing

What should I write as the position/leadership description on the common app activities section for physician shadowing?

@OFHansona year ago

In all honesty, I did the same thing (except due to COVID, I did Physician-Shadowing online), and I put it under a hobby, so just as a recreational activity sort of. Out of mere interest and a career-oriented activity

[🎤 AUTHOR]@Lebrona year ago

I meant that's there's a place where you describe your role. Like president, member, etc. But for this i wasn't sure. I was thinking observer or something, but does that sound too passive

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2 answers

a year ago

You should state your role/experience "Medical Shadowing Experience" and the description should share the institution where you shadowed, who you shadowed, what you learned, and the skills you acquired.

a year ago

This sounds similar to an internship. Perhaps put 'intern'? If not, 'student' sounds like it could also work.


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