8 months ago
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I can't see my reviewer's suggestions on my paper. What do I do?

I got back a peer review for my essay, and she made highlights on my paper, but I can't see them. What do I do?

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@jessieloz18 months ago

They appear on the side next to your essay. If you can't see them I would just continue to refresh the page because you can't submit a review without at least 5 highlights.

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8 months ago

I am assuming that you are talking about the comments, if so, are you able to see them now? If not, are you using a phone or computer. When I used my phone to see my peer review, I was unable to see the comments until I switched my phone horizontally or went to my computer. If that did not help, like @jessieloz1 said, refresh your page. If that did not work, I would contact CollegeVine. If you are talking about highlights, I think that there may be a technical problem with you essay so I would contact CollegeVine.


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