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would this be a good honors

wall street prep certificate i will be taught financial statement modeling, dcf modeling etc. they have at wharton nyu berkley citi group jp morgan so many know brands and corporations. I'm interested into it but want to be able to fill my app with things related to my major would it be good?

link https://www.wallstreetprep.com/


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11 months ago[edited]

If you are willing to pay for their programs and stuff, then go for it. Even if it isn't related to your major of interest, it will still help because it shows that you are interested in other topics too but if you are doing planning on doing anything related to economics in college, their certificate and programs might a bit more beneficial.

11 months ago

It depends on you. As someone else said in this post if you can pay... Sure! Go ahead but be aware that it may not be all that prestigious and really help you in college admissions. Most prestigious college programs tend to be free. Most of the time, many pre-college programs/ECs that require payment to participate tend to be boring and not worth the thousands of dollars.

If you are a Freshmen and have the ability to further expand your ECs, then go ahead and do this all you want. But again, it won't tip any admissions scale into your favor.


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