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Any extracurricular ideas for a wannabe lawyer/political science major?


Hello! I am currently a junior in high school and I have come to the scary realization that my extracurriculars are basic and boring. I am really interested in politics and government and possibly going to law school after getting my bachelor's degree but before any of that can happen I gotta go to college. I am trying to do things that are geared towards politics and helping people through passing bills and getting signatures. I wrote 100 postcards this summer urging people to vote in the 2020 presidential election which was perfect because it was covid safe and helpful. I am trying to build this spike and show colleges that this is what I'm passionate about and I am desperate for any ideas of what I could do. If anyone has anything they can think of that would help me achieve this goal that would be wonderful.

Thank you so much!

My current ideas:

-Start a blog where I report on current events/analyze current political situations

-Write letters to my representatives about current bills or laws

-I am applying to this summer program with the ACLU which I hope I get into


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Your EC ideas are quite good, especially the ACLU summer program. Here are some other ideas to consider:

-Get involved in the Georgia runoff elections. Preferably, phone banking, as you don't need to travel or much equipment. Go to for events.

-Intern for a state legislator, congressperson or local politician (such as county commission, district attorney or councilperson)

-Join your student council

-Start or join a political organization at your school.

-Campaign for your preferred candidate in elections. For, if you live in New Jersey or Virginia, you can get involved in the gubernatorial elections in one of these states.

These are just some of the politics-orientated things you could do.

Hope this helps

Thank you! Those are great!