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What to write about fro UChicago essay

I've only just started on my UChicago supplemental essay and am confused about what to write. Would it be better to pick one of the prompts offered or write about my own prompt? Furthermore, how should I go about writing it? Is it actually as straightforward as it says or do I have to connect myself to the prompt in some way?


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11 months ago

It would be irresponsible for anyone on here or your friends or family to tell you what UChicago prompt to pick or tell you what to write with your own prompt.

This is an opportunity for you to use your voice to explain how you view the world and how you think and articulate your thoughts. It is also an opportunity for UChicago to learn more about you. These essay types allow UChicago to decide if you are an interesting fit for their desired menagerie of Class of 25' incoming freshman.

The UChicago essay is historically the most challenging one and CV has allowed the most time for completion compared to other essays because the prompts are hand-picked each year (submitted by UChicago students) and they give you the flexibility of using any previous UChicago prompt, so there are potentially 100s to choose from, plus your own if you don't want to use any of their prompts.

You should write your UChicago essay in the best manner that fits your personality, character, style, voice, etc. If someone gave you a blank sheet of paper in an art gallery of endless artifacts, would you spend your time looking at every single artifact to see if you connect to it or use your time to create your own artifact to add to their collection?

My last word of advice (since I've already completed the UChicago essay) is to ask yourself, "if they are saying I can pick one or write about anything, that must mean that there is an infinite amount of prompts available for me to pick correct?" Ergo, there is no correct prompt. You can put them all up on a wall and throw a dart or just make one up that works best for you.

Good luck.


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