8 months ago
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How should I utilize my additional information essay option in the common app?

I worked in a family restaurant for ten years now. Because of this, I haven't done many notable extracurriculars. Should I write about this in my additional information slot? If so, should I write it like any other essay, with a hook, body, and what I learned or gained from it?


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8 months ago

Hey! Before we even consider mentioning this in the additional info, you should definitely consider writing this as one of your activities in the common app activities section. Moreover, this should definitely be mentioned in your additional information. You can elaborate on the basics ( how, what, where, time commitments) of ur work at the restaurant. Then complement this with the values this experience brought for you, instead of making this work seem like an apparent excuse for relatively low extra-curricular engagement. However, I don't think the proper essay format of hook, body, is needed; this can be a simpler essay elaborating what u did and what u learned from it. Consider keeping it simple.

My suggestion is not specifically mention something like - "my low involvement in extracurricular is due to my responsibilities at the restaurant..." Be confident about ur TEN years of work at the restaurant.

Good luck with the application hussle!


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