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What are the Chapman interview questions?

I have my virtual Chapman fellow interview in 10 days. Is there anyone that has already been interviewed by Chapman care to share what the questions were? I want to prepare myself. Thank you!

@DebaterMAX3 years ago

The reason your question is downvoted is the interview isn’t supposed to be known ahead of time as it evaluates you as a person and it’s not something that should be prepped for. I will post an answer about general admission tips.

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3 years ago

Please refer to the comment on the question about why I’m not answering Chapman specific questions.

Generally an interviewer will ask about you as a person and usally asks you about your impression of the school. This isn’t supposed to be a one way conversation. It’s more of a discussion as you are trying to sell yourself to Chapman and try to have them “buy” you. (That is figurative by the way).

Please expect some questions about why you want to study thier and some of your extracurriculars.

Additionally it’s cliche but be yourself and do not try to be someone else. They want to evaluate the real you not someone else.

Also similiar to the point about it being a 2 way almost all interviewers will expect you to ask them question.

Here’s a helpful link I found.


Hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

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