2 years ago
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Will I be able to get into some well known colleges with a 1360?

I am a high school junior with a 3.81 weighted GPA and SAT score of 1360. I am going to take the Biology and Math Level 2 subject tests and I already took Chemistry and got a 660. I am also doing research/shadowing, starting a clothing company, volunteering 100+ hours, working, and have a YouTube channel that brings awareness to small businesses/Nonprofits. Do I have any chance of getting into some well-known colleges?

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2 years ago

It honestly depends! Mainly on your essays, demographic, financial stuff, etc. You can always try but it honestly depends on the college and what they are looking for. I say do your best, find a safety you love, and see what happens.

Also, what's your Youtube channel called? I'm interested.


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