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9 months ago
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Should I submit my SAT score to the University of Minnesota?

I'm applying to the University of Minnesota (U of M) in their College of Science and Engineering (CSE). I am applying as an intended major in computer science. On college vine- with my current score reports and courses- it says that U of M is a "safety" school for me. IDK how this is possible, I have a 3.4 GPA, 1240 SAT [(700 Math) and (540 Reading -->RIP)], 4 AP courses (Env. Sci, Calc. AB, Calc. BC, and Micro. Econ), 11 honors, and 2 college courses (worth 53 hours of credit). The average scores for CSE are between 1370-1490 on the SAT and 30-34 on the ACT. As for GPA, the school's average GPA is 3.83.

I am part of many clubs and activities: Science Olympiad (3yrs), Genesys Works, AVID Tutor, Museum Volunteer(2yrs), Planetarium Volunteer(2yrs), Library Volunteer (3yrs), Soccer (JV), Swimming (JV), Tennis (JV), Newspaper club, and DECA. I have also won medals in events at Science Olympiad at Regionals and State for engineering-related events. I have more than 400 hours of volunteering, and a good chunk of my time is spent in my clubs and after school activities.

I am not sure if I should submit my SAT score. I know that the U of M avg. SAT is between 1370-1490 and CollegeVine recommends that I go test-optional. How likely would it be for me to be accepted into a school like this? U of M has a 52% acceptance rate.

I personally know a few people who have been accepted to U of M in the CSE program with ACT scores of 24 and 25 (I know that they got this score but not sure if they applied for test-optional), and my score of 1240 (27 or 28 on the ACT) is higher than those ACT scores when translated. Those students did have a GPA of 3.7 and higher but will little to no AP and advanced classes at all.

I need to know if I should submit my test score or not...

I'm stressing very hard over this, and I need some advice ASAP!


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