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What are some reliable websites to convert percentage into GPA?

So I am a Canadian student interested in applying to some American universities. I am a US Citizen, so I don't think I would be considered international for most schools. When I try to convert my percentage into GPA on websites labelled "Canadian percentage to GPA", I get a way higher number (3.9 UW). When I use other sources which do not say Canadian percentage, it comes way lower (3.5 UW). Is there a reliable website which can properly convert? This is one of the websites I used which let me convert my grades with my grading system into a GPA: https://www.scholaro.com/gpa-calculator/


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3 years ago[edited]

Canada has 4 provinces and each province has a different grading scale. I will do my best to create a matrix here. From left to right the columns will be

Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, and the Last column is the US. Keep in mind that in the US, many schools like private boarding schools have their own scale say from 1-6 or 1-11, etc so that is not included. And also keep in mind some schools do not give a bump for the A+. Some IVY league colleges recalculate GPA and do give a 4.3 for an A+ on a 4.0 scale so I'm including that here. Also, many US High Schools are not that granular with the numerical 4.0 scale. They may simplify things by giving a 4.0 for (A+, A, A- anything between 90-100), 3.0 for (B+, B, B- or anything between 80-89), and 2.0 for (C+, C, C- or anything between 70-79) and 1.0 for (D+, D, D- or anything between 60-69).

In Canada, B.C. is the least granular and they do not have plusses or minuses for grades A and B but they do for Cs. One glaring difference you will notice is that in Canada a C can be anywhere from a 50 to a 69 while in the US, a C is 70-79.

So if you have 5 classes per year over 4 years it pretty simple to do the conversion because that's 20 classes at 1 unit each and say you got 10 As and 10 Bs that would be ((10X4) +(10X3))/20 = 3.5 GPA. It gets more complicated if you have different credits or units per class so say some of your classes were only 1 semester-long and not the full year long. So you might get a result like ((5 X 4.01.0 full year)+(10 classes X 4.0X0.50 half year)+ ((5 X 3.01.0 full year)+(10 classes X 3.0X0.50 half year) =3.5. The result is the same but you have more math to do.


A+ / 90-100/ N/A 95-100/ 95-100/ 97-100/ 4.3

A / 85-89/ 86-100/ 87-94/ 90-94/ 93-96/ 4.0

A- / 80-84/ N/A 80-86/ 85-89/ 90-92/ 3.7

B+ / 75-79/ N/A 77-79/ 80-84/ 87-89/ 3.3

B / 70-74/ 73-85/ 73-76/ 75-79/ 83-86/ 3.0

B- / 65-69/ N/A 70-72/ 70-74/ 80-82/ 2.7

C+/ 61-64/ 67-72/ 67-69/ 65-69/ 77-79/ 2.3

C / 56-60/ 60-66/ 63-66/ 60-64/ 73-76/ 2.0

C-/ 50-55/ 50-59/ 60-62/ 55-59/ 70-72/ 1.7

D+ / N/A N/A N/A N/A 67-69/ 1.3

D / 0-49/ N/A 50-59/ 40-54/ 63-66/ 1.0

D- / N/A N/A N/A N/A 60-62/ 0.7

F / N/A 0-49/ 0-49 / 0-30/ 0-59/ 0.0

This is my new year's gift to "The Great White North",

3 years ago[edited]

So I'm not going to be super helpful with a % -> GPA site but generally, an A=4 is 90%+ B=3 is 80%+ and et cetera. For AP you'd add one so an AP "A" score would be 5 if you decide to weigh it. Honors is typically +.5. then you'd add up your score and divide it by the number of classes. For example with 4 As 4 Bs you'd have 28 points. Divide by 8 classes (assuming equal credit) you'd get a 3.5 GPA. Then second semester you'd get all As thus a 4.0 GPA that would average out to a 3.75 GPA. Unfortunately, I don't have a site to do it but if you want to do it yourself this is the most common method as some schools have a 100% be different from a 91% or the scale is in increments of 7, not 10.

Hope this helps!

Edit: Added clarification regarding credit

3 years ago

This explains US grading: (https://www.universitiesintheusa.com/blog/2015/july/us-university-grading-scale). And this explains Canadian grading: (https://www.universitiesintheusa.com/blog/2015/july/canadian-university-grading-system). Basically in the US, a 100% is a 4.0. While in Canada, a 100% is usually a 4.33.

You may need to contact the schools and ask them how you should handle this on your application.

3 years ago

My favorite website for this is: https://gpacalculator.net/high-school-gpa-calculator I love this site. You can use percentages or letter grades. Add as many semesters, honors, AP/IB classes, weighted, unweighted, etc. I'd recommend this sight. I think that your GPA, in American terms, might just be around 3.5. Most colleges will take your grades, and use their own converting thingy, so there's not much to worry about.

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