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Should I try to explain my networking skills in the Additional Information section of the Common App?

I took an extra class at a local university (MIT) and asked the teacher/ grad student to come to my high school club and present his background and the work he has done at the university. I also was a study participant for a different local university's research program (Harvard) and had the program director come into my club to present about the study. I wrote about these in the Additional Info section of the Common App because it doesn't really fit anywhere else on the Common App. In total, my explanation is only 120 words. Should I include this, or will it confuse/turn off the admissions officer?

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8 months ago

You could try working this information into a supplemental essay! I'm not sure if this is the type of thing to include in additional information, only because I've mostly seen it used to include extra activities or extenuating circumstances for grades/family matters.

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