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when should i start looking into scholar ships and what should i accomplish in blogging

When should i start looking into scholarships and if i get 100 scholarships some how can i use all that money for any collge i choose or how does it work also i am blogging what sats should i mention and get when blogging example revenue views words article etc.


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8 months ago

Some scholarships are can be applied for at any time during high school while others can't be applied for until your Junior or Senior year. I'm not sure that anyone has ever gotten 100 scholarships but the rules for scholarships differ. Some Scholarships are only available for certain schools while others apply to all schools. You will have to check the rules for the specific scholarships you are interested in. Also, keep in mind that some scholarships (especially one provided by individual schools) won't stack with all other scholarships, and the vast majority won't cover more than your college costs.

What you will mention about blogging will depend on how much space you have to talk about it. In some cases, you will only have a few sentences while in others, you will have a paragraph or two (or maybe longer if you write about it for an essay). I think why you love blogging, what it has taught you, and maybe how long you have been doing it would be the kind of information that schools are generally interested in. Some schools will let you submit a link to your blog so then admissions can check it out for themselves.

I hope this helps!


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