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What all goes under the sphere of research experience?


I've seen that applications ask for any research experience and I'm confused as to what all entails under this umbrella. For example, is research experience only work you've done individually and showcased somehow (through a fair or publication) or could it also be taking a research based course which assisted you in completing your research?

Appreciate the clarification!


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8 months ago[edited]

So for a college application regarding extracurriculars, research consists of published or award-winning research under 2 groups: independent research (unaffiliated with an organization ie by yourself), organizational research (usually through universities). I do not consider AP Research or research done through your high school as research as research is an extracurricular. Extracurriculars don't include things done during school but if you have an HS research course definitely mention it on your application as its definitely a boon its not just n extracurricular.

The thing is if it just asks for research experience you'd likely include HS affiliated research as it is experience.

Hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification as Id be happy to help.

Edit: Clarification regarding types o research.

8 months ago[edited]

I recommend emailing the application people about this but for me, I would consider a research based course in a college program to be research since that is what I put one of my research based courses under for my common app. After all, in the research based course, you surely had to have done research of some sort or went through the research process. Concerning research experience, you don't have to showcase it I think but you should have a mentor. High school students aren't usually like well versed in research so I would assume a mentor is needed to guide them through the process. With that said, them guiding you doesn't mean they participate in your research endeavor. My professor said that I would be doing independent research for example but he would be there to answer questions and to check on my progress.

Edit: I forgot all about research courses being a thing in high school lol but yeah the Max is right about them not being a EC if it is the case.


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