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• 01/05/2021 at 01:22AM

How to find and get Finance Research Opportunities (Mentors)?

How does one go about finding mentors or professionals for research opportunities? Any tips? Current Sophomore.

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• 01/05/2021 at 02:49AM

As someone enrolled in a research course, right now is the worst time to try and intern or mentor ship, as either no one has projects to have students work on or the institution they are working for have very tight restrictions (Or the research cannot be done virtually).

However, in normal times, you’d want try and enroll in a research course or participate in some other mentor ship program at your school. If none is offered, you could reach out to either local or community colleges’ professors and ask to partake in their research, or a local research institution (ie NASA) and see if you can work with someone there. This is also a very good option, as it shows initiative and drive towards research, which many colleges will want to see.

I hope this helps.

Accepted Answer
• 01/05/2021 at 05:35AM

Yeah, I second Myles's response here. You're a sophomore, so it should be fine to wait it out and either enroll in a research course/program at some sort or cold-email professors.

However, if you insist on finding a way to research during COVID-19, I would suggest doing one at home. I managed to think up of a unique project that was manageable to do at home (although it would've been better in a lab, of course), then reached out to specific professors within that field for guidance, and questions. I would think that professors would be more willing to set up a call to help you research at home and answer questions through gmail rather than fully taking you on. Could be just that my field of research is rather niche though...idk much about finance as a field. It can also show that you took initiative in making opportunities for yourself when there are few, and gives you a chance to explore something you truly care about in more detail.