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03/27/2020 at 09:25PM
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Starting a club?

Hello! I am interested in starting a Future Doctors of America club at my school. Can someone explain to me as to what students do in this club and provide more information on the organization because I am not able to find much information online? Thanks!


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03/30/2020 at 03:04PM

I think starting a club like HOSA would be a great idea. They're well established and have national, state, and regional levels where you can compete in different competitions like @Solemn said. However, I did find some basic ideas for what you could do if you decide to create the Future Doctors of America club (unless you plan on ONLY having future doctors in your club, it might make sense to change the name a bit to make it clear any future health professional is welcome).

So if you decide to do FDA you could: discuss nearby hospital volunteer opportunities, discuss shadowing opportunities, discuss topics related to healthcare, discuss topics related to healthcare and higher education (BS/MD programs, med school, PA programs, EMT programs. etc). I think if you could bring in guest speakers to teach you specific tops that would be cool. I saw somewhere online where students in a club like this got to learn various types of sutures and could practice performing medical examinations (basic ear, eye, respiratory, neurological, etc exams). If you're able to start a club and use some of those ideas I think it would look great on your application!

03/27/2020 at 10:54PM

I'm not sure what FDA is but I am part of Health Occupations Students of America!

You can start a chapter at your school (some start blood drive committees too), there are regional, state, and international competiton events, scholarships, community service, and they even offer internships!


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