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How can I make my college applications more superior than others?

Hii I am a junior at Alameda High School and i'm just wondering how can i make my applications more superior than other people applications? Im currently making a club at my school, on the varsity football team, and currently in an internship to help homeless teens to get off the streets and into schools. I just want to know what can i possibly do to make my applications better.

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Hey just a FYI when asking questions we don't need to know your HS just your grade.

@swazzy.k3 years ago

Yeah, why are you giving out your location?

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3 years ago

Here is how to make your college application more superior than others:

1.) Graduate in the top 5% of your class and have a 4.0 Unweighted GPA or no less than 3.85.

2.) Get 99th percentile std. test scores like a 34-36 ACT score or a 1500-1600 SAT Score

3.) Take 7 AP or more Classes or IB classes and get 4s and 5s or high IB scores.

4.) Take 2 or more SAT Subject II tests and get at least 720 on them.

5.) Show evidence that you are a great writer. Either through submitting a graded paper on your college application if prompted, or getting either a 10-12 on the ACT essay or 20-24 on the SAT essay optional section.

6.) Show examples of intellectual vitality or curiosity outside of the classroom like independent research (a plus if it's published), taking college courses (higher maths or STEM course not available at your HS), internships in the field you are interested in majoring in.

7.) Have leadership positions in school activities. For example ASB student government, Editor of the Newspaper, Captain of your Varsity team.

8.) Hold key elected or appointed youth member positions in your community organizations such as the City Council, Friends of the Library, or various City Organizations like the Parks and Recs.

9.) Start a non-profit to serve marginalized or underprivileged people either in your community, neighboring communities, or other communities.

10.) Write excellent college supplemental essays

11.) Have excellent college recommendations

12.) Evidence your achievements with awards and honors.

While these are only the most obvious 12 things to do, there are many other things you can do like interviewing well, having connections with alumni at the school you wish to attend, or working on your oratory, speaking, and communication skills that will make you a better candidate. If you come from a lower-income family, I highly suggest seeking out a mentoring community organization that can help you with a college strategy. If you are also a very high achiever, look for opportunities like Questbridge or Posse to help get your application in front of top college under their unique early decision plans.

Good luck with your college admissions journey.

3 years ago

Hey, neighbor! I'm also Bay Area.

I'm going to give you an example of a student who would stand out among others. Let's say there's someone whose primary interest is in Environmental Economics And Policy. She has an interest in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and a fear of bees. She becomes an urban beekeeper and starts a microbusiness where she sells her honey at the farmer's market and raises awareness of CCD through facts printed on the jars' labels.

Even if you are trying to go to an ultra-prestigious school, you don't need to be "superior to others." It's more like they are casting a play and you are trying to be right for one of the roles they're looking to cast. And while trying to be right for that role, you seek to be extraordinary in one field. It should push you to aim high and work hard toward the goals through rigorous planning and creative problem-solving.

3 years ago

Take internships, do volunteer work, etc. Do things that follow your interest and soon, you will notice a trend. Also, colleges like commitment so keep at it with staying in your new club and varsity football team. Of course, there is also test and academic grades but I am sure you know about those already. Besides those though, be sure to be acquainted with your teachers for them to write good letters of recommendation and to start early on your essays for college unlike me.

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