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How does Avid affect my chances at Ivys?

Well, I am wondering if Avid will affect my chances at Ivys in a positive way or negative way. Here are the details, I am a sophomore from Minnesota from a fairly known Minnesotan high school, the only people to go to Ivys at my high school were my two sisters, I haven’t taken the ACT or SAT but plan to take the PSAT in spring. I am in a volunteer leadership program, student council, speech team, national honors society and varsity nordic ski team. Oh and my GPA is 3.55 because I had a super rough freshman year that I plan to explain on my commonapp extra information.

p.s. Sorry for asking about Ivys so frequently I just like the communities responses:)


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9 months ago

If you are talking about Advancement via individualized determination, then I think that any program that helps high school students from either marginalized or first-generation backgrounds is a great program to make higher education a level playing field for everyone regardless of income, gender, or race/color.

On a technical note, this is a chancing question for the Ivys, so you really shouldn't be using this forum to ask whether your participation in a school program will help you get into a set of elite colleges.

Off the record, because no one is supposed to be answering chancing questions, I think that you will need to have a nearly perfect academic record for 10th-12th so that your GPA is close to an unweighted 3.85 because Ivy league unweighted GPAs tend to be in the 3.85-3.90 range for Cornell, Dartmouth, UPenn and 3.90-4.00 for Harvard, Columbia, Yale, Brown, Princeton.

Also, it will help boost your chances if you get a 34-36 ACT or a 1500-1600 SAT score or, 1460+ on the PSAT (although Ivys do not really care about PSAT scores). I'm assumming that by the time you appy in 2 full years, colleges will revert back to standardized testing. So you should be preparing for that. Taking at least 7+ AP Courses and getting 4s and 5s helps as well as getting 750+ SAT 2 scores in 1 humanties and 1 STEM subject. You are doing great on ECs so keep it up. If you are aiming for Harvard, they will want to see some sort of "spike" as well as some evidence of intellectual curiosity either through your own research, ECs or internships.

Keep up the good work.

9 months ago

I am not sure what Avid is but if you mean COVID19, then since you are a sophomore right now, the way your chances at the Ivys will be affected is hard to tell. However, in my opinion, Ivies should remember the students that were still in high school during COVID19 and note that many couldn't participate in extracurricular activities. The PSAT won't count for much in the college admissions unless you become a semi-finalist or whatever which is hard.

If you mean the college preparation program which was the first result that popped up on google when I googled Avid, then I guess it will positively affect your chances because apparently you take classes and do some research and community service activities in it??? im not too sure. Anything you do for your interests will help you in high school to be honest.


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