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I am currently a sophomore in a STEM magnet school (engineering pathway, you have to apply to get in and there is 10% acceptance rate in entire county), and I want to pursue a bs/md program in hopes of venturing into cardiovascular technology research in the future. As part of the program the classes are set, so you can't change them. This limits my options for AP's. The AP's that I currently am in are AP Biology and AP World History.

The AP's I plan to take Junior and Senior Year are:

11th: US History, Language, Psychology, BC Calc, Physics C: Mechanics (Calc and Mechanics are part of magnet school, cannot change)

12th: US Government, Chemistry, Music Theory, Statistics, Environmental Science (Environmental and Stats cannot change)

The EC's I plan to submit are below. I am venturing into leadership for some of them.

Model UN

Science Olympiad

Math Honors Society

Science Honors Society


Singing 10+ years

Piano 10+ years


Hospital Volunteering

Research Programs

Class Rank is not determined until 1st quarter of senior year is complete. I still haven't done standardized testing yet and will do later this year.

I have a free elective for junior year and senior year. What recommendations does anyone have? Also, what are some ways to boost my application in order to have a chance at receiving admissions into prestigious BS or BA/MD programs?


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As for which electives to take, I don't know what your school offers but take what you want to take. Take something health related, research related, engineering related, or whatever fits your hobby. My advice is focus on your grades, move up in your ECs by gaining officer positions and staying active, and have fun by doing what you love. Honestly, writing essays about things you love and enjoy is easier and comes off better. Also keep looking for opportunities to show off your interests. This might be through contests, competitions, projects, anything. Just make sure to keep improving. Oh and study for standardized testing. After you get the score you want, then your college choices will be much wider.

4 years ago

Without knowing the electives you have available to choose from it's tough to make any recommendations besides what @Solemn already suggested. There's just too much variety in what schools offer to know if you have a class or not. Honestly their advice for ECs is solid too. You're already doing a solid amount but really focus on hospital volunteering/shadowing/research programs if you're interested in BS/MD programs. Depending on where you live I would also look into summer programs if that interests you. Look for ones that are free but have a competitive application process, those are the most impressive ones for you application. Paid ones with competitive applications are also good but I would avoid applying to any programs that are paid and don't have competitive applications (basically ones where everyone gets in and it's just a matter of if you can afford to go)

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