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Can I give AP exams after applying to colleges

I'll be in senior year this year and I'll be applying to colleges in december 2021 or Jan 2022. But can I give AP exams in May 2022 after applying to colleges. And send the exam scores to colleges later. Can someone explain the whole procedure. Also I wanna apply to Top universities like stanford, Yale, Harvard, does they require AP exams or classes. Is it necessary to give AP exams for these universities?


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8 months ago

No colleges require AP classes when you apply. Often they give you the option to self-report exam scores on your application, but you are not required to.

Typically you send your scores to the school after you apply, so yes, you could definitely send those scores after you take them. In fact, that's quite common, since most students are still doing classes and finishing high school when they apply for college.

I would highly recommend that you submit all good scores, especially to top schools who will be very selective.

8 months ago

Depends on whether you get waitlisted. The admissions process will be done in May and so an AP exam result would not matter. The only way it would is if they are still considering you on the waitlist in which you may be seated higher on the waitlist as a result of that. I would not count on that AP exam having an impact on your admissions at the time of it being sent so it is not necessary. If you can get your AP exams done before May 2022 then it will be beneficial to submit them


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