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01/05/2021 at 03:42PM

How important is the Brown video portfolio?

Hi! I just submitted my application to Brown (it's due tonight), but found out that I also have the opportunity to submit a 2-minute video. This is due in 3 days, but I'm not super worried about not having enough time. How important is this video to my application, and would you recommend that I still do it?

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01/05/2021 at 10:41PM

If Brown will allow you extra days to complete your video, which I think it does, I would recommend that you do so.

1.) If you haven't had an interview, it would be good for the admissions committee to put a voice and face to the words you have written to help them understand you better. Also, it helps them understand who the teachers are advocating for.

2.) It also allows you to add some information, perhaps vital perhaps not, that helps the application reader(s) "connect the dots" about your character, personality, goals, and aspirations, and who you really are. If a picture can tell a thousand words, a two-minute video can explain 10,000 words about someone.

I do not agree with the previous respondent because nothing stated as optional for the Ivy League is really optional. When Harvard says the supplemental essay is optional, I'll guarantee you that unless you are a celebrity, a recruited athlete, or a development applicant, no one skips the supplemental essay.

I didn't apply to Brown however I prepared my 2-minute essay nevertheless.

Good luck.

Accepted Answer
01/07/2021 at 11:40PM

Checking on the Brown website, the video portfolio is due on January 15th. So you have more time than you think! Please tell me if I'm wrong though because I have to do it too.

@atunafis01/08/2021 at 06:13AM [edited]

Since I was at first confused about the contradictory information between the original email and the website, just thought I'd clarify that they seem to have extended the deadline from the 8th to the 15th earlier today. Also, thank you for your comment @mayag224.

[🎤 AUTHOR]@beana01/08/2021 at 03:26PM

Yeah I just got an email from them saying that it is now due on the 15th. Thanks!

01/05/2021 at 05:05PM[edited]

It adds an extra piece to your application so it is beneficial but it won't be extremely important like your personal statement. That being said, if you really wanna go to Brown, do it since it tells them that you want them so you are willing to do more work and also it shows them more about you.