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Deferred ED1 from Boston University

I got deferred from BU ED1. Does anyone know the acceptance rate for deferred students at Boston University or a rough estimate? I also wrote a letter of continued interest and had a BU grad write me an additional letter of recommendation.

@Kipad0007 months ago

I also got deferred. Where should I send an email of continued interest?

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9 months ago

Hi! I am sorry to hear about the early decision deferral to BU. I would not give up hope though! Being deferred from ED means that your application will be forwarded to the regular admission pool of students which has an average acceptance rate of 22%. However, this statistic does not account for demographic, extracurricular and geographic variances that can change the acceptance rate for many students at selective schools. I would use the chancing engine tool to see your true regular decision admissions chances. Additionally, I am glad that you have sent a letter of continued interest and added to your profile, this shows strong interest to the university and will be noted by BU. Another thing that you can potentially do, say if you are put on waitlist after RD (not saying this will happen, but just good to know), is to attach your first semester transcripts and updates of any awards/honors that you receive.

Best of luck with your future admissions decisions!


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