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Website with average stats for Colleges

Does anyone know if there is a website that shows the average stats of the people who got accepted into colleges (grades, average ap class, # of years of language, ecs, tests scores)? Specifically the UC (University of California) system. Thanks in advance

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This is the definitive source for UC College Admit Stats and Figures published by the UC College System.


Just click on the link of the main campuses and you will be brought to a stats pages with all the major stats like admit rates, SAT, ACT and admit GPA

The output data looks like this.

UC Berkeley

Admit data

Applicants: 88,068


Overall admit rate: 17.5 %

GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students

High School GPA 4.13 - 4.30

ACT Composite Score 29 - 35

SAT Evidence-Based Reading & Writing 650 - 750

SAT Mathematics 670 - 790

If you need more granular data then you have to download a copy of the school's common data set which gives you detailed info. However, nowhere except through anecdotal blogs will the college tell you the average AP course taken and AP scores. I've never seen that published for college on its Class of XX' profile or common data set. Here is an example of a common data set for Berkeley.


Here is the definitive UC school language requirement:


Lastly, here is a link to how the UC considers applicant data or what they are looking for. And at the bottom are criteria for each individual college.


Good luck

3 years ago[edited]

So I previously looked and while there’s no database the absolute best option is to google insert school common data set and go to section C. That will give all sorts of useful admissions data. I looked up about 30 schools and only 1 school I looked for didn’t do the common data set. It gives yield admit rate along with SAT/ACT data. I don’t think it does gpa but it for sure doesn’t do AP classes or extracurriculars.

As for years of 2nd language your best bet is to google foreign language requirement insert school. The hard fast rule for that is 2-3 years for almost all schools and 4 for ivies. Some selective schools will require 3. That’s assuming you can take 4 years in HS as colleges are flexible.

Really hope this helps and feel free to comment if you’s like clarification as I’d be more than happy to help!

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3 years ago

Hey! Niche.com is an awesome place to look for information on a school.

On their website, select "colleges," then type in the school you're interested in and click "View Profile."

The college's profile will give you all kinds of information about them, including admissions stats, costs, financial aid, popular majors, and campus life.

You can also enter your stats to give you an idea of your admissions chances at that school.

Hope this helps!

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