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I’m legacy for UVA, how much would this increase my chances of getting in? Would I have to pay out-of-state tuition?

I’m legacy for UVA, how much would this increase my chances of getting in? Would I have to pay out-of-state tuition?

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According to these UVA articles, legacy applicants have nearly a 2 to 1 bump for being accepted versus non-legacy applicants.



According to last years' class, 32.5% of in state applicants were accepted versus 15.4% of out of state applicants.


A stat that is not published anywhere is what the acceptance rate is for legacy out of state applicants. If you use the information at hand I would say that your chances are 30% or nearly double of what the out of state admissions rate is.

You receive no financial benefit from UVA for being a legacy either in merit aid or financial aid. However, UVA has a very extensive list of merit based scholarships you can apply to if you are a high achieving applicant. Some or most will require you to pass some academic or testing threshold and write supplemental essays. The awards vary from say $5000 to a full-ride scholarship (Jefferson Scholars) worth $293,000 for the out-ouf-state award winners. That is the most competitive one with only 32 out of 2000 nominees getting the award or 1.5% (you need to be nominated by your HS to qualify for that one.)


Good luck.


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