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If I got a 75 in gym and an 85 in Geometry first semester of freshmen year, but all my other grades are in the high ninety’s including an additional class which is music, will I still have a chance to getting into an elite/prestiges school like NYU or the University of Michigan?

I attend Benjamin N. Cardozo high school in New York which is currently ranked around 3,500 in the nation. I’m in debate club, science Olympiad, Medical research and key club

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@wallflower4 years ago

just a tip for your question title - if you put your grade numbers info in the details instead of the question title it might make it easier for people to read and respond. Like your question could be "Will I still be able to get into an elite school if I have lower freshman gym and geometry grades?" or something. You can go back and edit your question if you want but also just remember for next time

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4 years ago

Yes you will be fine! You have SO much time to improve your grades in those classes. And it doesn't sound like you need much improving in any other class. You're off to a great start. You will be fine so please don't stress.

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