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In school vs outside of school extracurricular activities

I'm working on a scholarship application and part of it asks me to list my "in school extracurricular activities" and "outside of school extracurricular activities" separately. Obviously, things like private instrument lessons are outside of school and things like student government and tutoring are in school, but I have some other activities that I'm not sure which they are considered. I'm a member of my school's marching band, which is optional for band students. I put down my involvement in concert band under in school activities, but which would marching band be considered? I am also involved in the robotics team run out of my high school and am unsure which category it would fall under. Both activities have 1-3 teachers involved (among numerous other adults), receive some school funding but do most of their own fundraising, and are not a part of any classes I am in. I originally thought they would be outside of school activities but I am not sure.


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8 months ago

I would classify them all in-school ECS.

If you were part of a County marching band that met at the community college auditorium, then out-of-school.

If you were part of the Intel youth robotics program that met on a corporate campus or virtually, then out-of-school.

As long as there are HS teachers involved, then in-school even if they may take place weekends, outdoors or virtually.

Hope that helps.


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