10 months ago
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Need help w essay

I am applying to yygs and in one essay I have to write about my background, beliefs, values and something that has influenced me and articulate how it has shaped me.

Can anyone gimme some ideas what can I mention. Should I be direct? Also Can I write that singer, harry styles has influenced me and how he did that?


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10 months ago

First, think about the prompt a bit and try to think about what parts of your background you think are important and Yale should know about. In terms of being direct, yes, you should be as concise as possible and pack as much meaning and genuine content as you can into your essay. Regarding your question about Harry Styles, as long as it's something that's truly meaningful to you, I think that would be a very unique essay and a great way to show your personality. I can see that essay ending up being very genuine and honest and likeable, as long as it's done right - just make sure to pass it off to family, friends, or college vine peer essay review to make sure you send the right impression. It would also be a good idea to try to incorporate some of the other parts of your background and weave in your core values within that essay so they can get a glimpse of who you truly are. Lastly, make sure you don't just say what happened or what you experienced but delve into how it affected you and made you the person you are today. Good luck!


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