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How should one go about answering "Is there anything else that you would like us [admissions] to know about you?"

It is an optional question, but should is it a good idea to answer it? If so, what are the do's and don'ts of writing a response?

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a year ago

The question is there to allow applicants to explain extenuating or special circumstances they have faced. For example, say you got a concussion or something like that and you were out of school for 3 weeks, your grades would probably drop. In that case you could explain why your grades dropped. Or, say one of your parents was an essential worker during the pandemic and they were super busy and stressed out, so you had to take on more responsibilities at home and that caused your grades to slip. There are countless ways to answer that question, but I would say only answer it if you think it will help you. Hope this helps.


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