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Do colleges look more towards weighted or unweighted GPA?

I'm a junior and I was just wondering because my weighted GPA looks much, much more impressive!

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9 months ago

99.9% of colleges look at your unweighted GPA.

The reason for that is that almost every high school calculates weighted GPAs differently.

Some HS students have a 4.00 UWGPA and a 4.00 WGPA or a 4.5 WGPA or 5.75 WGPA even though they take the same classes.

Sticking to a UWGPA allows all college admissions offices to compare and contrast applicants from all over the country and International students as well.

So if you are trying to get into an elite or IVY college you will still need to get your UWGPA up to say the 3.85-3.95 range to be considered.

Good luck.

9 months ago[edited]

Usually, it would depend on what your school places on your transcripts. If they put both down, then the college will probably consider both. Some colleges do only consider unweighted GPA, and that's an unfortunate reality for the people who challenge themselves with higher-level courses but do not get as perfect grades as they would have with lower-level courses. However, because colleges do get your transcript, they'll get the important gist - that you're taking high-level classes and succeeding at them. That's really what colleges want to see. I hope this answered your question. Good luck with applications in December!


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