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How helpful is the "Network" part of CollegeVine?

Hi, I'm just curious about how helpful the 'Network' part of CollegeVine really is. I have connected will all of my colleges that I plan/have applied to, and I was wondering if I should spend time filling in the small prompts and other things/info in my profile.

I only ask this as I'm unsure whether any colleges really look at the CV profiles in the network section. I don't want to spend time on things that are likely not going to help me in the college process.

Thanks in advance to all who answer!

@nope.nothelpful3 years ago

I doubt they look at it tbh... most big colleges get more than 100k+ applicants IDK if they have time to go look at your profile during the admissions process, but they may look it before when you connected with them. Its also unlikely that it will play a huge factor in you admissions decisions as your application will most likely have much of the same or similar things on it compared to the profile you have on CV.

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3 years ago

I disagree with Morgan as not only are there better ways to communicate interest (ie webinars, emails/direct communication, visits, zoom/phonecall) CVs is a tad unreliable as I reached out to 3 of them just to try it out(like 6 weeks ago) but I've yet to hear back from them. Obviously, some school admissions may frequently use CV but it is not the ones I've communicated with.

But I would like to correct you while talking to schools that don't track interest may not help you get accepted its useful to know if you like that school or just to get useful tidbits of info about the admission process.

I hope this helps and feel free to ask for clarification.

3 years ago

I would say better safe than sorry!

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