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How likely is it that I'd get a scholarship in a decent university with strong academics but weak extracurriculars?

I just finished my junior year. I want to major in Computer Science, possibly with a Psychology minor. I have a 3.8 ish GPA, and based on my practice tests, I'm getting around a 1530 on my SAT. I'm also planning on taking the Math 2 and Physics subject tests, hoping for 800s, and the Computer Science A and English Language APs. I don't really have any strong extracurriculars though. I have a few debate awards here and there, and about 80 hours of volunteer work. I've also done a bunch of psychology and tech-related courses on coursera. I was going to fix this during the summer with more volunteering and an intership gig I had, but everything is shut down indefinitely and now I'm kind of stuck. Does anyone know about anything I can do to strengthen the extracurricular bit of my application while I'm at home?

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If its not a reach school and your GPA and SAT scores are pretty high in comparison to the average student I would say that you have a chance. Some ways to get in some extracurriculars are by maybe tutoring people online. Jobs do count as extracurriculars.


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