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01/11/2021 at 10:42AM

Financial aid

I have to write an essay about why I need financial aid. I am so confused about what to write in it. Like it's just simple I can't afford it. Someone elaborate what I am supposed to write for 500 words. Do I need to explain my family situation cause like we are just normal there's nothing I have to write about.

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01/12/2021 at 04:48PM

I haven't seen an essay like that before but some schools have weird requirements.

Do you have to write 500 words or is that just the maximum?

What does the prompt say exactly?

As for what you will say, that depends on your specific circumstances. You could mention what your parents do for a living, how hard they work, how they have taught you about money management skills, how you are excited to go to college but are also worried about debt, what your job is (if you have one), etc.

If you have an anecdote or two that are relevant (so pertaining to something like money management or working hard) that you could work in, that would help you get to your word count.

Accepted Answer
01/11/2021 at 03:02PM

Generally, what they want to know is if there are what circumstances make you unable to afford tuition as well as whether you're going to be a good investment who will make the most of their money. You should use that space to talk about your family's situation (your parents' job situations, any expenses including siblings who are also in school, other things you have to spend money on like a beginning business or other people you're supporting, etc.). You can also speak on the ways you're going to take advantage of the opportunities given to you and make the most of whatever funding is provided. I hope this helped!

01/11/2021 at 11:10AM

Honestly, you should be considered for financial aid if you choose that option on your application. You would then apply for financial aid by filling out the FAFSA and/or CSS Profile.

For this essay, I would explain in detail your financial situation. Usually, most people apply for financial aid, so why this school needs an essay is well beyond me.

Overall, explain your situation in detail.

Hope this helps.