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what should accoplish when blogging

what should i achieve when blogging example words i typed

@gracecatan8 months ago

Since this is College Vine, I'm assuming that you're asking about what accomplishments you should aim for as a blogger so that your blog can really add something great to your college application. Is this correct or do you mean something else? Please clarify so it will be easier for us to answer your question. Thanks!

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yes sorry for not making it clear

@VeggieDance8 months ago

Use spellcheck and grammar check always otherwise you will automatically lose followers. "accoplish" "w" "w" "i" "i" should be all capitalized and both sentence structures make no sense. You mean "What should I accomplish when blogging?", and "What should I archive (not achieve) when blogging, for example, certain words I type?

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8 months ago

Generally, you want some quantifiable numbers as well as qualitative data. For numbers, you usually want to have some kind of stats like 10,000+ words posted or 2,000 subscribers or something like that to show how much legitimate, concrete progress and impact you've made. For qualitative data, you'll want to have at least an anecdote or two that you can write about that show the impact of your blog or show what your blog is able to do. This would look something like a story about a stranger emailing you about how your blog affected them in some positive way or the time some big account or person mentioned or gave a shout-out to your blog. The quantitative part is definitely doable with time and attention and hard work, while the qualitative part really doesn't have to be a big thing - just a good story (no matter how small, individual, or local) to tell what your blog has really done in the world. I hope this helped!

8 months ago

In blogging, if you want to use an example; you should always state your point or your opinion first. Then you should let your audience know you are about to do an example by writing transition words like: For example, or For instance, any word that you think would match your writing style. Then after the transition, then you state your examples.

Ex: Do you like games? I do, it is a virtual environment built for you to explore and have fun by yourself or with friends and family. But some games are not appropriate for youngsters; For example, Fortnite might look like a fun game, but it can change an underage player 8 and younger. They will try to act it out and that is why that game is not allowed in schools...(I will finish this here).

I hope this helped. =)

Sorry if it is not useful...


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