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3 years ago
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What are some extracurricular that I should take ?

I am already in Mock Trial, a leadership program linked directly with my mayor, a club named club unify in which we help the students who are in special education, I am planning on joining color guard after the virus ends and NHS when I am a junior. I can't be in any sports. My classes also arent very interesting the only electives I have are lunch and Spanish. The only reason I am asking is because it says that I don't have enough solid extracurriculars.

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2 answers

Accepted Answer
3 years ago

This depends on your intended college alot you could strengthen your app with essays recommndation letters that cant really be graded on college vine. But try to find an EC related to your major an example might be DECA for buisness nueroscience HOSA for health majors

3 years ago

I would suggest joining an EC that closely aligns to your interests and where you can enjoy your time there and your contribution to the program. EC's are really a way for colleges to see your engagement and commitment outside of a classroom, so it's important to have some connection to the activity. If you're looking for additional EC's that are linked to your major but your school had limited options, you can also start your own club or consider exploring options in your community! Best of luck!


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