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What is George Mason's Video Essay About?


On Common App, George Mason offers the option of submitting an optional video essay below their required written response. Is this in response to their written essay, or can it be about anything?


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9 months ago

Good question - it doesn't seem like there's much information at all about the video essay on George Mason's website or CommonApp portal. My understanding is that the video essay could be instead of or in addition to the optional essay. Basically, if you write the essay, then do your video on something else. If you don't write the essay, then you could conceivably respond to the essay prompt in your video. My best advice, though, would be to do something more creative in your video if possible.

If you want more clarity on this, though, you should definitely call your admissions officer and ask.

9 months ago

Brown has this option as well. I recommend you check their website. Schools usually tell you what they want to hear. For Brown, they recommend you talk about anything.

Mostly, it is just an opportunity for AO's to learn more about you! If you still need help, check out YouTube. There are a ton of George Mason video essays on there. Check out what the other applicants did. Good luck!


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