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I want to go to an Ivy school, how do I strengthen my application?

I currently am a sophomore in high school and I plan to take 12 APs over the course of these 4 years. I have a couple of leadership positions under my belt and I am 1 of 8 editor for the paper at my school. I have graduated from a language programs that grants me a diploma (from an actual college). I started my blog this year and plan to push out an article a day. I am a part of the Speech and Debate program as well. I also started the Science Olympiad program at my school. I am part of the Spanish Honors Society as well. I have also done over 100 hours of community service. I need impressive achievements that set me a part from my constituents. My GPA unweighted is 3.7 and weighted is a 4.2... Any suggestions?

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To me at this point its mostly non school things to do such (BUT MAINTAIN POSITIONS AND GRADES) also try to boost unwieghted a bit) but most importantly in my opinion try to improve esaay writing and reach out to those schools admission office and just chat with them. Ive heard that helps to show interest which to them shows you would attend if accepted if you want to look into it further google "yield rates college"

But the ivies are ivies for a reason so try reaching out to public ivy schools or other association of american universities members as they are typically very prestigious if that is what you want.

Hope this helps!

PS if you are desperate for ECS try community service but wait for the pandemic to die off :-)


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