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What extracurriculars should I do?

I am a freshman and I was wondering what extracurriculars I should do? Because of COVID, I'm not really allowed to go places. So, what are extracurriculars that look good on my resume and that I can do at home?

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Honestly, look at COVID differently, now everything is online so there is a lot more you can do. Even posting on social media can be considered as an extracurricular if you do it right. You can become an activist, raise awareness about issues, create and sign petitions, attend seminars, and much more. What are your hobbies? You can find other people with the same hobby/hobbies as you and create a club, meet weekly, and socialize or talk about your hobby or whatever works best. Take some classes at your local college, it may seem scary but I'm a high school junior, and I think college is easier than high school (you can take classes during the flex terms so they're shorter, like spring break or summer break). Start a blog, create a podcast, start a website or social media account to support a cause. Or even find a job, consistently volunteering or working (in-person or online) shows that you are responsible and committed.

But most of all, take it easy and don't overdo it in too many fields. Find what you are passionate about and focus on that to show that you are extraordinary because colleges would rather have someone amazing in a specific area rather than above average in all areas. Take it slow, and in the next four years, you will find that your extracurriculars add up.

Another tip is if you are interested in a specific field, find other people in those fields and see what they did to get them to where they are.

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There are many extracurriculars you can do from home. It can be blogging, online volunteering and many others. It depends on what subjects you want to pursue later. If you are interested in maths and computer science you can learn web development or coding. I know we are not able to do much because of pandemic but it should not let you affect your college application. You can participate in MUNs if they are being conducted online in your state or country.


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