8 months ago
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how can i study for the sat and act

how do i study for the sat and act and what should i use to get the heights score possible


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8 months ago

Here are a few really good resources: there are many more.

-Khan Academy SAT (khanacademy.org/SAT) FREE

-College Prep Genius (https://collegeprepgenius.com)

-Princeton Review (https://www.princetonreview.com/college/sat-test-prep?ceid=newhp-nav)

-Kaplan Test prep (https://www.kaptest.com/sat/free/events)

For my SAT prep, I bought the College Prep Genius SAT virtual course, bought the Princeton Review SAT elite edition textbook, and used the free Khan Academy SAT prep. It REALLY helped (I scored a 1500), so I would definitely check those out. I didn't use Kaplan, but it is highly-rated.

I didn't take the ACT, but here are some resources:



Hope this helps!

8 months ago

In addition to the resources above, I would recommend you also check out Youtube. Specifically, Supertutor TV and (especially) Scalar Learning.


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