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Is there any essay writing contests for 2021?

Hello! I am a sophomore in high school, and I am interested in submitting my essay that I wrote, and I've looked everywhere to find a competition to put it through, but they all have a certain theme. Is there any competitions out there where I can submit my essay that I did all the research for (It's a political science theme about black voters)

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@JustRipoolLuck710 months ago

Which state is your highschool?

[🎤 AUTHOR]@mariama_njie08610 months ago

I live in Georgia!

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10 months ago[edited]

If you looking for contests, ask your teachers or guidance counselors for that information. Depending on your grade level there might be a few going on around you. Also, if you do find an essay writing contest for you, then I wish for the best of luck in advance. =)

I hoped this helped. Sorry if it did not...


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