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Will getting a lower grade in an AP class affect my chances of getting into a high level college?


I took an AP Biology course this semester, and I received a B in the class. This has dropped my GPA, and I would like to know if the grade will cause it to be more difficult to get into a high academic school, and how would I be able fix it.


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It depends on your overall profile. Most of the time colleges look to see if you took more challenging courses offered to you, so the fact that you took the class kind of improves your profile in general. Of course, since your GPA lowered, that is definitely a downside but seeing that you are a junior, I am sure you can still fix that by working harder to get higher grades as well as picking the right courses. If your profile is generally strong, I don't think you should worry about this too much as there isn't much you can do other than try to raise your GPA. Seeing that you received a B (don't fret too much, a B will not significantly hurt you), I am assuming your GPA did not drop too much and that you can raise it again.